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On the southern slopes of Bodmin moor lies Dozmary Pool after which our cottage is named. Pronounced Doz-mar-ee and glacial in origin, it is Cornwall’s only natural inland lake and a source of the River Fowey.

Dozmary Pool, said to be bottomless, is steeped in legend. Here at Coombe Farm we are suckers for a bit of historic old folklore, so here are a few of our favourites.

Dozmary Pool is believed to be the home of the Lady in the Lake, the mysterious figure that gave King Arthur the sword Excalibur. The famous sword, known in Cornish as ‘Calesvol’, is said to have magical powers.

Another favourite is the story of Jan Tregeagle, the most evil man the Duchy has ever known. Jan was a truly wicked magistrate in Bodmin in the early 17th century. After a pact with the Devil in a last ditch attempt to avoid going to hell, he was instead asked to empty this bottomless pool with a leaking limpet shell. To this day his ghost and be heard howling across the moors.

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