Farmer Jez

Farmer Jez is the resident hands on farmer, chief of maintenance, gardening, mowing, the pool and all things practical. When he calls the pigs, they come running. He takes any willing helpers or watchers out each morning on his rounds, and will help you if you want to hold a chicken!


Lou has a more behind the scenes role but can often be seen chasing her children across the farm. Lou loves the farm because it is such a peaceful location, but still so accessible and easy to get around from. She also enjoys the fact that it’s so sheltered and a sun trap.



Ella is our resident shepherdess and mermaid. She loves all the sheep and lambs and can tell you all their names. Ella is the quality control advisor for the swimming pool where she is often found making a big splash. She loves making new friends and seeing old friends return.

Surf dude


Will loves life on the farm and is never found far away from the play area. He is always hoping to find a buddy to throw or kick a ball with, any sport is fine! There is so much space for kids to run about, be free and enjoy nature safely while their parents relax.