Make Your Own Elderflower Cordial

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How to make your very own elderflower cordial. In early June the Cornish countryside is brimming with beautiful, colourful wildflowers. One of the most fragrant is the elderflower, which can be found growing wild on trees all over our beautiful county. It’s many delicate white blooms are not only pretty, they can be picked and transformed into a delicous and refreshing drink.

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Covid-19 Adjustments And Policy

We wish to reassure everyone we are doing everything we possibly can to make safe and enjoyable stays possible. We have put together some information below that we hope will give guests more information regarding their holiday. We are following guidance from the UK Government and the Professional Association of Self Caterers (PASC) are excited to welcome everyone back as soon as possible. We are lucky to be in a remote area of the country where social distancing is extremely easy, and we encourage our guests to explore the great outdoors. Below is a brief list of what to expect when you get to Coombe Farm Cottages.

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From Easter Day the rules on access for dogs on Cornish beaches change…

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Many Cornish Beaches have seasonal restrictions banning dogs, usually from Easter Day until 1st October, with signs at the entrance to the beach. Some ban during the day but allow dogs in the early morning (before 7 or 8 depending) and late evening (usually after 7) - the sign will specify. And most beaches are dog friendly out of season. However, the beaches below allow dogs at any time (to the best of our knowledge). Have fun with your four legged friends on the beautiful beaches.

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