Top Ideas for April and May in North Cornwall

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Top Ideas for April and May in North Cornwall The sun is shining, the leaves are turning the trees green, flowers are popping up in all the fields and hedgerows, it’s time to get out and about with a spring in your step! Here are a fantastic selection of some of the top favourite things we have discovered so far on our Cornish adventures…

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Top 5 Dog Walks

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We love dogs and our dog friendly accommodation is perfect, with beds and bowls provided for our canine guests, to save on car space. Walking is one of the very best ways to discover the beauty and the variety of the Cornish landscape, at all times of year.

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Love is in the Air

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Romantic Picnic Spot - High Cliff On the cliffs between Boscastle and Crackington Haven at the highest point, you will find the straightforwardly named – High Cliff. Cornwall’s highest cliff is 224m above sea level. Given the size of the cliffs, as you would expect the views are massive. It feels like you can see the whole of Cornwall. It’s a beautiful spot well worth exploring.

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Dog Friendly Beaches – these beaches are dog friendly all year

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Many Cornish Beaches have seasonal restrictions banning dogs, usually from Easter Day or March until 1st October, with signs like the one below at the entrance to the beach. Some ban during the day but allow dogs in the early morning (before 7 or 8 depending) and late evening (usually after 7) - the sign will specify. And most beaches are dog friendly out of season.

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Top 5 December Activities

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Winter in Cornwall is pretty good. It’s a quieter time to year to enjoy all this part of the world has to offer: sun, sea, sand, scallops and Santa! Here are some of our recommendations, in no particular order…

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The Eden Project – A Winter Visit

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Then it was time to dash back for the 4pm re-opening of the rainforest biome for the “show”… Eden’s website describes this new event as a “Walk Through the Enchanted Rainforest: A Theatre of Christmas Memories: a unique combination of live performance, installations, soundscapes and beautiful lighting brought to you by our talented friends at WildWorks theatre company”. Going in at twilight to explore as it gradually gets darker is truly magical (the darker the better) and a unique experience, to be highly recommended. This visit was in 2014.

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Coombe Farm’s Guide to Cornish Rock-Pooling

What better way to explore the local marine life than a spot of rock pooling? Every child (and lots of adults) favourite beach past time. Here are some hints and tips to help you get the most out of your expeditions.

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