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We finally explored The Strangles Beach in February and it was amazing. Such a beautiful, rugged and wild expanse of coastline. It is one of those places we have been meaning to go to for ages, but the tide was never doing what is needs to do doing. The tide should be low to make the most of your visit. 

How does it get it’s name?

The Strangles gets it’s name from the dangerous nature of this part of the coast. Swimming is not recommended as the sea off the beach has very strong currents. There are also jagged rocks making it even more hazardous.  

Where is this beach?

The Strangles is located on the North Cornish coast near Cornwall’s highest cliff, imaginatively called “High Cliff”, which is 200 metres above sea level. The beach has to be accessed on foot, and the climb down (and obviously back up!) is demanding, though breaktakingly beauitful. We had a slow wander down as we just had to keep stopping to take photos. As you get down to the end of the well maintained path, the last bit down onto the beach is the steepest. Here there is a rope to help you nativate safely down onto the beach. 

Why we would recommend The Strangles 

  • Beautiful
  • Amazing views
  • It’s quiet, there are not many visitors.
  • The rock formations are usual and striking, look for the arch and the stack
  • Rockpools

Visitor Facts:

  • Put EX23 0LQ in your Satnav and get ready to walk
  • Park in the small National Trust car park on the road opposite the footpath, look out for small signs
  • No Lifeguards
  • Dog friendly all year
  • Sandy and Rocky
  • Steep climb
  • Swimming not advised due to strong currents
  • Is also a Nudist beach!
  • Always keep an eye on the tide

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