The Eden Project – A Winter Visit

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We’ve sooooo been looking forward to finally visiting the world famous Eden project. Only a 40 minute drive from Coombe Farm Cottages we all set off with high anticipation. All through the year there is so much going on at Eden it is always guaranteed to be a jam packed day out. Arriving at the viewing platform allows an amazing view of the site, the Eden project is huge. The platform has viewing holes cut out at small people height. This is typical of the thoughtfulness and detail with which the project is put together. We practically ran down the zigzag path, arriving at the biomes. We turned left into the rainforest biome and it was fantastic, festive, informative, green, and easy to get around (even for those on wheels). The wall of memories was a lovely idea here. Tags were provided to write messages and remember those who would be missed at Christmas. There were tags tied anywhere and everywhere, very moving. The food at Eden is well known to be great, and lunch did not disappoint, then we were off to the Reindeer enclosure, up above “the Core”. We dragged the kids past several play areas on our way (we’ll definitely be back in summer to make the most of those). The reindeer live in a spacious area, and were very popular with the children before Christmas. Next stop was a quick stop at the craft area, where a range of supervised Christmas activities were freely available to all. Ella (aged 4) made a candy cane mouse, out of felt, whom she named Snowflake. William (aged 2) had a power nap. Then it was time to dash back for the 4pm re-opening of the rainforest biome for the “show”… Eden’s website describes this new event as a “Walk Through the Enchanted Rainforest: A Theatre of Christmas Memories: a unique combination of live performance, installations, soundscapes and beautiful lighting brought to you by our talented friends at WildWorks theatre company”. Going in at twilight to explore as it gradually gets darker is truly magical (the darker the better) and a unique experience, to be highly recommended. We were just keen to explore and have a relaxed day, but for those that want there are a couple of pay extra activities that looked well worth it. Meeting Father Christmas of course, and the Ice Rink, which looked amazing, book in for appropriate sessions in advance. There was also free live storytelling, and different Cornish Christmas choirs singing everyday. After a cup of tea and an ice cream, we were ready to head home, we enjoyed wandering up the spectacularly lit pathways, to the very tempting gift shop. I asked Ella what her favourite thing about the day at Eden was, she quickly answered, “Everything”. The Coombe Farm team will definitely be back soon, and let’s hope that summer is even better, but winter will really will take some beating. A fabulous and Christmassy day out, enjoyed by all the team members. We wish you a Merry Christmas, and a Green and Eco New Year!

This visit was in 2014, but similar events run each year, with a visit when the sun has gone down being the best! Ice skating is also popular, this needs to be booked in advance usually. 

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