Our New Superfast Wi-Fi Guest Network

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So, a positive thing about 2020, Superfast Broadband finally arrived at Coombe Farm Cottages. This happened in August after many years of campaigning (and lots of moaning)! 

Woooooooo hoooooooo, not only could we use the booking system properly without it crashing all the time, we could finally get our guests connected too.

It was not an easy job, and we were lucky to have an expert technical consultant on hand to help us every step of the way. From design, to install to aftercare, every step was carefully thought out and managed. The network now gives all the cottages download speeds of up to 150 mbps, with an upload speed of 30 mbps. Over Wi-Fi this is averaging about 80 mbps.

The Network – the broadband come into the farmhouse via fibre to the premises. There is a nanobeam on our roof, which is the highest point on the farm. The Wi-Fi radio antenna is hardwired to the broadband router. This sends the signal out to receivers on the outside of each cottage. The receivers pass the signal on to a router inside each cottage, and another by the pool. This gives each cottages an amazing Wi-Fi signal so you can to surf the net, download films, play games, or even do a bit of work! Since the network has been up and running it has been super reliable, all the guests have been very happy with it. It has been a real game changer. 

Installing the network – it just happened to be what felt like the hottest days of the year when this was put in. The poor installers were up and down very high ladders in the boiling sun, or sweating it out in the cottages with their gloves and masks on of course! It was all going well, though we needed a few extra parts along the way. Then the weather changed and challenged us with some thunder and lightening, luckily no strikes nearby! It took a few days but once it was working it’s been a revelation. Worthwhile things are not easy, and good things come to those who wait (as our regular visitors will soon find out). 

Anyway, now (once logged in Рpassword on the welcome information sheet) everyone can easily and quickly check the weather forecast, the tide, or book into a delicious restaurant! Happy Wi-Fi-ing!