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In Cornish, Godrevi means ‘small farms’, which is a great description of us here at Coombe Farm.

Godrevy is more commonly known as a Lighthouse. This famous and beautiful white octagonal tower was built on the rocks of Godrevy Island in 1859 to warn ships of the dangerous Stones reef which lies below. Facing the force of the Atlantic ocean, this north Cornish coast landmark is the inspiration for Virginia Woolf’s novel “To The Lighthouse”.

Before the lighthouse was built, with its walls 3 foot wide, and 26 metres high, many ships, cargos, sailors and smugglers were smashed on the rocks. In 1649 one wreck to meet this fate was a ship carrying the clothes and personal effects of King Charles I.

Godrevy Lighthouse has weathered the storms well, and was modernised in 1995; it now runs on solar power.

We love the Cornish coast, the wide sandy beaches, the literary connections, and Cornwall’s nautical activities, which is why we chose it for our big barn..stay safe in the water everyone.

Great Picture of the Lighthouse

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