Off to the Turkey Auction

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On Thursday I headed off to participate for the first time in the local auction of oven ready Turkeys. Up at Hallworthy the punters gathered ready to get their festive food at a great price. I was eagerly anticipating the action, as I’d never been before, and I did need to get a turkey for the Conway Christmas dinner!

From Devon to Lands End people flooded into Kivell’s, standing ten deep to bid for turkeys, geese, ducks, chickens and rolled turkey.

I was a tad nervous having previously been to the cow auction and failed to understand what anyone was saying (luckily no cows were accidentally purchased). This time I was with Coombe Farm’s neighbour Farmer Paul, which was very helpful. After listening carefully I figured that the unrecognisable words were actually prices repeated very very quickly. The turkey auction was much clearer thank goodness! I got flashbacks as there were many echos of my previous life trading in the pits on the LIFFE exchange in the city.

It was fifth time lucky as my bid was the winner on a 13lbs 9oz beauty of a bird. I was determined not to blow my budget and I was (for once!) good.

224 Turkeys were sold in total, with a top price of £3.05 per pound, and an average price of £2.34 per pound. What a bargain for top local produce, and supporting the local farming community. I’ll definitely be going again next year.

58 ducks, 34 geese, and 27 chickens were also sold under the hammer.

Whatever you have on your Christmas table, enjoy it, the next job it to cook the turkey perfectly… Merry Christmas