New Ewes Mean Cute Lambs For Next Spring, Hopefully!

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Farmer Jez and Lou have had an exciting couple of weeks shopping, for some new sheep. We have had a range of Poll Dorset, Texel & Suffolk sheep in the past, and we were keen to try something a bit different.  

A friend showed us some pictures of her Greyface Dartmoor lambs and we, especially our resident Shepherdess Ella, fell in love immediately. These are a rare breed of domestic sheep which come from nearby Dartmoor. They are just soooooo cute, and are quiet and easy to handle so perfect for guests to get to know. Apparently they have a strong constitution. They are very woolly, and the Dartmoor fleece is classed as Lustre Long wool. They are known for having white faces spotted with grey and matching feet. 

While shopping for sheep we also came across the girl in the top left of the photo. I can’t tell you her exact breed as she is a cross of many things including Blue Texel, Welsh, Jacob, Dartmoor and perhaps a touch of Suffolk too. What I can tell you is she is beautiful, and bound to produce some amazing looking lambs in the Spring if all goes to plan. 

The three new ladies, two Greyface Dartmoors and the Black Cross have all gone on a little road trip, with our existing ewes to another friend @Feltedsheepskins. The ewes are going to spend some time in the company of a Ram called Herbie, check him out in the centre picture, he is extremely handsome and a pure Greyfaced Dartmoor. 

If all goes well, we should have some adorable and unusual looking lambs being born on the farm in the springtime. Some Greyface Dartmoor, some crossed with the other breeds, but all cute and very fluffy. We are in love already and hope the plan comes together.  

Watch this space for sheep updates

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