Life on the Farm, May 2017

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We have been really busy down on the farm this Spring. 

Lambing kicked off just before Easter, and we now have eight lambs out frolicking in the fields. The babies include two sets of twins, and they are all thriving on the farm. They love to play in the “climbing tree”, a tree with lots of routes about the ground. 

The swimming pool opens soon, yaaay! We are looking forward to testing out our brand new heat source pump, we are just cranking it up now and getting ready for the official opening on the 29th May. In the meantime we are madly painting and getting the furniture out so it looks tip top. I can confirm that the area is a total suntrap, it’s been boiling out there! 

We’ve been planting flowers, weeding, and getting the vegetable garden under control. The hanging baskets are starting to flower and we are looking forward to putting them out. 

New piglets will be arriving next week, ready to settling into the pig field. We can’t wait to meet them!

The goats continue to be hilarious, although it is not so funny when they escape. Luckily they have not done that now for the last few weeks! We are not holding our breathe though. 

We are looking to extend our chicken run, as currently the chickens cannot be let out due to the bird flu risks. 

There is also talk of possible new animals coming to live on the farm… watch this space!