Happy New Year, 2015 on the Farm

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Hopefully you all had a very lovely Christmas and a fabulous New Year. 2015 is going to be an amazing year. The Coombe Farm team are excited about what the year will hold, the new animals and people we will soon be meeting, and getting cracking on the gardening and the vegetable patch.

It’s no secret our stables, now with shiny new roofing, have been crying out for some equine inhabitants. We’ve being doing our research, looking at everything from ponies, horses, donkeys, rescues and Shetland ponies, and we feel that Bodmin Moor Ponies are the way to go. They are local and beautiful and hopefully will settle in to being an important part of life on the farm. If all goes to plan, Luna (2 years old-ish) and her son Star (born May 2014) will be joining us in the spring from the Bodmin Moor Pony Rehabilitation Centre. With their ongoing help and support we look forward to giving these beautiful ponies a forever home. Best Christmas present ever.

We are hoping to see the very first set of lambs born on the farm in the spring. With the ewe still in residence we are hopeful for some new arrivals around Easter. Newborn lambs are a perfect symbol of springtime, so excited to have some frolicking in our fields.

Farmer Jez and Sally, our head gardener, are looking forward to having time to get stuck into the vegetable patch properly. We had a go last year, but the ground and soil need a bit of work before we can plant anything this year. The new greenhouse is up and running, so time to put in the hard work now, and reap the tasty rewards in the summer.

The bulbs we planted should be making an appearance soon, and before we know it, the pool will be open again and hopefully 2015 will be another sunny and busy summer down on the farm.

Whatever 2015 holds for you, enjoy it!