Half Term Highlights February 2015

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Walking on Bodmin Moor

We explored Roughtor. A great walk, we set out to wander about and explore, looking at the stone remains of ancient settlements while keeping an eye out for the Beast. We ended up walking up quite high and to the base of the rocks marking the final ascent, but without quite enough time or energy to make it right to the top… next time!

Tintagel Castle

Swords at the ready we climbed the heady heights of Tintagel Castle. Very steep with many steps, I was a bit jealous of William (aged 2) being carried all the way! The views are amazing, it is a stunning location with lots of explore, and I can see why it was chosen as the site of a historic castle. I can’t believe it took us so long to finally visit. Go, take a picnic.

Widemouth Bay

Homework for the reception class was to measure something, so we headed out to Widemouth Bay armed with a tape measure. After splashing in the surf, making sand angels, and digging very deep holes it was finally time to get down to business. Many rocks were collected, measured, and lined up according to size (the geology of the area is amazing, but that I was informed, it another school homework topic altogether). Homework done, Cornwall style.

Cornish Cream Tea

What all parents need during half-term is an enormous decadent Cornish cream tea, with jam first of course, then local clotted cream to top. We went to the Boscastle Farm shop, and sat outside with lovely views of the coastal path, and the harbour. The kids played on the play equipment, and fought over who got the drive the pretend tractor, and ran over to join us for bites of cake and milkshake. Everyone’s a winner.

Getting Ready for our Ponies

We are so excited about the newest soon-to-be residents of Coombe Farm, rescue ponies Luna and her son Star. After being rehabilitated by the lovely people at the Bodmin Moorland Pony Rehabiliation centre who basically saved their lives and got them back on track, Luna and Star are nearly ready for their forever home at Coombe Farm. We have been excitedly sweeping out the stables and getting ready to welcome them. Exciting times are about the begin, watch this space.