Guest Information – Guide to Your Cottage

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Departure Time

Departure time is 9.30am. We would be very grateful if you would adhere to this time as this allows us time to prepare the cottage for the next guests.

Wood Burner Instructions

Please use the gloves and tools provided when using the wood burner. Please use the logs provided & follow the manufacturers instructions. Further logs are available from the supply shed in the courtyard. Please only use our logs in the wood burner; other types of wood can damage the chimneys.


Godrevy Barn, Siblyback Cottage & Dozmary Cottage

The central heating is controlled with the thermostat in the hallway, please turn it up or down as required. 

Morvoren Cottage: 

The under floor heating is preset. There are thermostats in each room. 

Water Heating

The heated towel rails in Siblyback Cottage and Godrevy Barn are dual fuel. If you have the heating on the towel rails will come on automatically. If the heating is off each rail has a button next to it to heat it up electrically by selecting 1/2/3 hours.

Morvoren Cottage: The heated towel rail is set to come on in the morning and evening.

Toilets and Sewage

As we have a septic tank, please do not put sanitary towels, baby wipes, nappies or any other unnatural substances down the toilets. Your help with this is appreciated. 

Waste Disposal, Recycling and Compost

You will find the rubbish bins inside the barn in between Siblyback Cottage and Dozmary Cottage. 

Please leave recyclables in the relevant containers, also in the barn. Please leave any refuse here in black bags in the dustbins.

There are compost bins in the kitchen for food waste. Please use these if you like. We will collect the bin inserts every morning if you put them outside your front door. We will then empty, clean and return them.  

Refuse Collection

Our rubbish is collected on Thursday mornings, with recycling every other week.

Fire Extinguishers and Blankets

Each cottage has a fire extinguisher and fire blanket. There are also smoke detectors, and a carbon monoxide detector located near the boiler. Please take extreme care if lighting any type of candle. 

Wi Fi

Please connect free to our Wi-Fi as “Farm_Guests”, the password will be in your cottage on arrival. We ask that you use this service responsibly & legally. 

Outside Lights

The light outside the front of the property is on a security sensor and switched on and off from the front hall. The patio / balcony light is controlled by a switch in the living area. These are on a timer. 

Situation of Stopcocks

  • Godrevy Barn: in the main bedroom (with en-suite) in the wardrobe. 
  • Siblyback Cottage: there is one under the sink in the kitchen and one under the kitchen cabinets
  • Dozmary Cottage: in the cupboard in the bathroom 
  • Morvoren Cottage: in the corner cupboard, left of the sink

In the event of any water leaks contact the farmhouse immediately

Fuse Boxes

  • Godrevy Barn: under the main stairs
  • Siblyback Cottage: in bunk bedroom cupboard 
  • Dozmary Cottage: in hall behind front door
  • Morvoren Cottage: in the top corner cupboard in the kitchen

Clean Bed Linen and Towels

Your bed linen and towels are provided. (Please bring beach towels). If you are staying for longer than 7 nights please make arrangements with us for a change of linen and towels on Saturday. The options are to either arrange a time for us to pop in and change the beds for you, or to have new sheets and towels dropped over. 


The cottage does not have a landline.


The nearest post box is in the village. At the end of our lane turn right, past the church, to the next road junction, and the post box is on the wall on the left hand side of the road (Post goes at 3pm).  

DVD Player 

These are built into the main TVs.