Guest Information – General Swimming Pool Information

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The pool is open and heated from May – September, weather permitting. 

Every effort has been made to stop children being able to access the pool area by fencing it off and putting a secure handle on the access gate. 

  • Do not attempt to access the pool control shed. It is dangerous and kept locked.
  • Take care walking near the pool shed, as the surface is uneven.
  • The pool has an alarm button for emergencies. If you hear it sound, please respond.
  • In the event of thunder/lightning, please vacate the pool immediately.

Our swimming pool is available for the use of all our guests.  It is normally heated from May to September, and the average temperature is about 30C = 86F. The pool is 10m x 5m (32’x16’) and is 1m (3’ 4”) deep at the shallow end, which then slopes steeply to 2.4m (8’) deep at its deepest point. There are walk in steps at the shallow end.


The shallow end is 1m deep there is a slope in the middle. The deep end is 2.4 metres.                                

We ask you to read carefully and observe the following aspects of pool use:

  1. Your use of the pool is entirely at your own risk
  2. There is an Emergency Button, located on the back wall of the swimming pool in the middle, which will sound an alarm to alert any adult that someone is in need of help in the pool area.  We ask all guests to please respond if they hear the emergency alarm.
  3. There is a hook on a pole, and a life buoy in an emergency.
  4. Children under 16 and poor or non-swimmers should not use the pool unsupervised.
  5. No unaccompanied swimmers.
  6. Young children and poor or non-swimmers should wear a flotation aid such as armbands or water wings.
  7. Please keep children away from the pool when the cover is on. Objects and children cannot be seen under the cover, and the cover will not support a child’s weight.
  8. Please do not take any glass into the pool area. The cottages have plastic drinking glasses & jugs for this purpose.
  9. Please jump in the pool only from the deep end, and when others are not using it.
  10. Please feel free to use the furniture, loungers, parasols & BBQ around the pool.
  11. We have done all we can to make the pool area as safe as possible, but the ultimate responsibility for party lies with you.
  12. The Health Protection Agency for pool owners states the following: 
  • To help protect the swimming water from infection avoid swimming whilst having an upset tummy or diarrhoea and for 2 weeks afterwards. This is especially important for children in nappies.
  • Shower thoroughly before entering the pool, including children and babies.  Wash your hands after using the toilet or changing nappies.
  • Take your children on regular toilet breaks or check swim nappies often.
  • Inform the owners immediately if a child has had an accident in the pool.
  • Children under 3 must wear swimwear with a waterproof layer.  A normal nappy or just a swimming costume might leak.
  • Do not swallow the pool water.
  • No dogs in the pool enclosure.

When using the pool, please think of safety at all times! No dogs in the pool area.

Guests in Godrevy Barn: Swimmers must be supervised from the poolside, not the balcony.

Where possible, please replace the pool cover after your swim to keep it as warm as possible. 

Please do not move the parasols or the stones securing them. Do not use the parasols in high winds!