Farmer Jez and Lou Brave … The SkyWire at the Eden Project

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We decided it was time to try out Europe’s longest & fastest zipwire, which takes you on a flight over the iconic Eden Project.

For a long time I have totally not wanted to do this at all, as it looks very high up and scary. We are regular visitors to the Eden Project and the SkyWire is very popular, people are always whizzing across bravely overhead. 

To mark a significant birthday the idea of the ZipWire was jokingly proposed, and then somehow got out of control and became a serious plan. Backed into a corner, I reluctantly agreed, still not sure if I would have the bottle on the day. Farmer Jez, of course, had no such worries and was happy to have a go!

The day dawned cold and cloudy, and off we set. We hit the road early to get a good slot (you can book one), and so we wouldn’t loose our nerve. I couldn’t eat anything and felt sick all the way there.

You don’t have to pay entry to the Eden Project to do the Hangloose activities, they have their own car park. Once we finally found this after many a wrong turn and u turn, the signage is a bit confusing, it was time to step up and crack on. The SkyWire runs all day everyday, and only closes if there is lightening(!) or a strong headwind. So no need to worry about it being cancelled. 

After being weighed and harnessed up accordingly, you are given a helmet and goggles and then, it’s time to get in the bus, which takes you over to the other side of Eden, the start.

After a quick safely talk its time to make your way up about three flights of starts to the top of the launch tower. As it is at the side of the Eden project, which itself is in a dip, it really doesn’t feel that high up (though it is), which I liked. 

Then, the fun begins; it’s time to get attached to the wire. There are many attachments to do up, which is reassuring. One thing that is great about the harness is that you are lying flat and headfirst, it is almost comfy. The part I did not enjoy at this stage was that as they strap you up, which you really don’t want them to rush, you are lying in your flying position with nothing to look at apart from a massive drop! Ekkkkk. 

Then you are given your “flying instructions”, which depends on your weight and the wind. I had to fly with my arms tucked up on my back, so gain as much speed as possible. Farmer Jez had to have arms out until halfway, then arms tucked in to get back up the wire! You don’t want to get stuck in the middle. 

Again, being on the lighter side of life, they decided I needed a massive push to launch me down the wire, and I was off! I can’t deny there was some screaming, more in exhilaration than terror.  The experience was amazing, pure enjoyment. You feel like you are going as fast as a rocket, and everything is small below you. There is enough time to get used to the feeling and soak it up.  

Then all too soon you come to the end of the line, hitting the buffers and bouncing back! Your are expertly detached from the wire and it’s back to reality. 

What a total high. I was so euphoric, firstly that I’d actually had the guts to do it, and secondly just the brilliant buzz the whole experience gives you.

We had eight people in our group fly the SkyWire that day, and every single one of us would do it again in a heartbeat. 

Do it! 

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