Farm Life – May Half Term 2015

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So, lots has been going on with our farm animals lately. Here are some updates on the current Coombe Farm animals.

Broody Hen & New Chicks

One of our laying chickens turned quite broody. She was trying to peck us when we when to collect her eggs as she was keen to sit on them. So, we got her some fertilised eggs, a highly ambitious 12 eggs. She is tucked away safely away from the others busily sitting on her nest. We are hoping to see some chicks born around the end of May. Good luck Mother Hen!

** Update ** … eight baby chicks were born on Sunday 24th May 2015. Seven are Light Sussex, and are pale yellow and the odd one out is a Welsummer, who is brown. They are getting on well, they are out and about in their coop. The eight new additions are very popular with the guests.

New Goats

Farmer Jez has been busy constructing a new shelter out of old pallets and wood for the latest farm residents. Two neutered male Golden Guernsey Alpine goats moved in on saturday, let’s hope they are not too much trouble, we are putting them in the field with the most secure fencing to be on the safe side. The field has an unusual tree for them to climb and play around in, which we think they will love. We need some good names for these cheeky chaps, any ideas?

New Pigs

Our weaners arrived a couple of days ago. We have three little saddleback pigs girls, though their markings are more unusual this time. They are getting braver and seem to be enjoying their new surroundings. They are getting used to coming out of their house (called an ark) and meeting the guests and (of course) eating.

Hand Feed the Sheep & New Lambs

Our sheep have had a few lambs, and the sheep are getting very friendly. As soon as Farmer Jez heads out to start feeding the animals in the morning, they start shouting at him! Baaaaaaa baaaaaaaaa. They love being hand fed, and are quite greedy, despite having an enormous field of grass that they share with the ponies at the moment. We’ll probably move them in with the goats soon. We are going to get them sheared soon, by the World Sheep Shearing Champion, no less.

Ponies in the Fields

Luna and her son Star are enjoying life reunited in the green fields. They happy trot around, eat grass, like cuddles, and carrots. It’s so good to see them back together after a long enforced seperation (necessary due to castration and weaning). They are very good at coming in and out of their stables these days. It is lovely to see them flourishing.