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We are trying our best to help the planet and keep Cornwall the amazing beautiful natural place it is. We are lucky we live in a part of the world, where residents and visitors are very conscious of the issues and keen to make a difference.  

Every little thing makes a positive difference. Here are some changes we have made:- 

  • Compost – we have compost bins in all the cottages for suitable waste to go onto our compost heap, these are emptied as often as necessary
  • Sponges – we swapped to reusable sponges and cloths to reduce plastic and land fill. We used to chuck out 8 sponges a week after a few days use. 
  • Pot scrubber – there is now one in each cottage, made of wood and natural materials, very effective though!
  • Milk – we now have bottled milk delivery, no plastic, bottles will be reused by the milkman.
  • Ice – all cottages have ice cube trays so no need buy ice in plastic bags.
  • Energy – there are solar panels on the main farmhouse roof, and an air source heater for the swimming pool. 
  • Refill – we have bought refillable handwash containers for the cottages, and are refilling those along with washing up liquid, laundry and cleaning supplies we use for changeovers. We love the Bude Refill shop, pop in if you’re visiting Bude. We also refill the salt and pepper grinders to save on plastic.
  • Lights – we have installed timer lights on the outdoor lights so please don’t accidentally leave them on and waste energy. 
  • Toilet Cleaners  – we have made our own toilet cleaning bombs!
  • Recycling – we have recycling bins for plastic(!), glass, paper and cardboard available to all our guests. 
  • Beehives – we have 4 beehives tucked well out the way, the bees love it here with all the flowers and greenery
  • Flowers – we grow our own flowers to put in the cottages to welcome our lovely guests, mostly sweet peas, sweet williams and dahlias. 
  • Insect House – we all had great fun creating a mini beast mansion out of old bits lying around, that was 5 years ago and the insects love it!
  • Food – on a personal level, we produce our own pork and lamb, and the vegetable patch could not be more local.

So far, so good, but there is always room for improvement. Any other ideas for things we should be doing, give us a shout, we’d love to hear them.