Early Summer 2018 Discounts

Early Summer 2018 Discounts

The pool will be officially opening for 2018 on the 26th May. This is one of my favourite times of the year, everything is crisp and fresh and ready for the high season, and the weather is usually brilliant. The paint is dry and the flowers are growing. 

The pool will have a brand new liner (if all goes to plan), so will be looking it's best. We have already had new sun loungers delivered, with snazzy bits that shade your face while you read. The water will be heated to it's usual toasty 30 degrees.

The BBQ will be ready as ever for those days by it's too nice to go anywhere and you just want to relax by the pool in peace and cook some meat on the grill. Plastic cups and jugs are supplied in the cottages for use by the pool. 

June and early July are more peaceful than when the schools finish for summer, and it's an excellent time to visit if you can. We are currently offering a 10% discount for weeks booked during this time. 

The prices are as follows:

Date / £ Morvoren Cottage  Siblyback & Dozmary Godrevy Barn 
02/06/18 509, now 458 563, now 507 765, now 689
16/06/18 531, now 478 590, now 531 809, now 728
23/06/18 578, now 520 646, now 581 902, now 812
30/06/18 609, now 548 697, now 627 955, now 860
07/07/18 653, now 588 734, now 661 1022, now 920
14/07/18 687, now 618 830, now 747 1138, now 1024

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