A Day on Coombe Farm

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Everyday there is always lots of fun to be had on the farm, and lots to do! As the sun rises over the valley Kenny the Cockerel crows announcing the arrival of a new day.

The chickens are let out of their runs and begin their daily wanderings. We try not to let them out until they have all laid their eggs, otherwise we might never find where they lay them! The chickens have been excellent layers and we are always getting comments about how yellow the eggs are and how fresh they taste. If you accidentally leave the door open they might try and wander in, unless the cats are around!

Farmer Jez heads out early to feed the three not so little pigs. They have a bucket full of food in the morning, and spend the rest of the day rooting around in the mud in search of more. They are very cute and always come running over to say hi.

The sheep dogs, Bandit and Megan always have a morning walk in the fields, more often than not they are accompanied by the three farm cats, who do not like to miss out on anything, and sometimes think they are dogs.

The sheep are pretty self sufficient and graze away in their fields, there is a lot of grass for them to keep under control. Hopefully we have lots of lambs in the spring for Easter, as the Ram is now in residence. Hearding them up is always a hilarious experience including the odd rugbytackle (Farmer Jez) and waving of sticks (Ella), and we did eventually get that one back that ran off up the drive, whoops.

At the moment in the grounds we are doing lots of clearing, bramble killing, weeding, pruning and general tidying for next year. We are digging away in the veggie patch ready for a bumper crop next year. We have bought lots of lovely new fruit trees for the orchard, plums, apples, pears – what is your favourite?

At dusk the chickens happily troup into bed safely in their house inside their run. We’ve never seen any foxes but we wouldn’t take the chance. Kenny the cockerel is always waiting at the bottom of the steps to lead his ladies in.

The stars are always amazing when the night is clear, see if you can spot a shooting star, and make a wish!…